jobeBy TERRY RINDFLEISCH – September 7, 2009

La Crosse area health officials are seeing more cases of a new tick-borne infection carried by the same deer tick that causes Lyme disease.

Gundersen Lutheran researchers have been monitoring anaplasmosis the last three years and report 50 human cases in the La Crosse area.

The researchers have developed a test for the disease and have been testing blood samples in Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation’s microbiology laboratories at the La Crosse Health Science Center.


Greenwood, Ark. — Greenwood resident Rick Altes didn’t know what was causing his high fever and organs to fail until a blood test revealed he had contracted a tick-borne disease linked to Fort Chaffee.Ehrlichia chaffeensis was first discovered at Fort Chaffee in the late 1980s.Altes currently works at Fort Chaffee and remembers being bitten by bull gnats and mosquitoes while working in a warehouse.Altes said he was never bitten by a tick which initially threw him and doctors off course when it came to his diagnosis and treatment.