Well, I did it!

After a bunch of re-routing, I have combined my blog and the website.  There are things I like and dislike about both, but the blog won.  I am able to post news stories much easier, it formats posts and archives stories for me automatically.  It cross references automatically.  It is just much easier for me to maintain while I am going through treatment.  So, from now on, you can reach me very easily and all in one place, at:

I studied my stats on my website and my blog, and the blog is actually generating alot more hits.  I am also about to see what people are interested in by seeing what is being looked at.  I have also decided to blog about whole foods, vitamins and supplement, things that makes our bodies healthy, whether you have Lyme Disease or not!  I am also looking closer at health care refrom as it is important to all of us, especially the chronically ill.  Besdies, I love politics, so anyway to intergrate that into the blog is a must!

I plan on doing a commentary once a week called:  “Ticked Off Tuesday’s” where I hope everyone will leave comments to make us all think and hopefully find ways to cope with Lyme Disease.  I also hope to write a few of my own articles.  I am curious about things such as, is Lyme in venision?  Could chemotherapy kill spirochetes?  Could our blood banks be tainted with Lyme and tick borne illness bacterias?  I am not finding these answers in a Google search, so I may have to research it myself and share it with you.  So, as I feel well enough,  I hope to provide some of my own articles for your inspection.

I also hope to include a poll once or twice a month….so look for the Lyme Online Poll.  And, please weigh in.  =)

If you have any comments or suggestions about the blog, be sure to contact me at:

As always, I am just trying to engage in dialogue, so we can all pool our thoughts together.  Together we may be the change we see in the world!  =)

With you all!  //Kim

aopToday is Andrea’s funeral.  Although I do know know her personally, I honor her.  I am sad she lost her fight.  I am sad for her family.  This disease steals and robs.  It is a thief.  Please keep her and her family in prayer.  She was only 27!

For those who think Lyme is a simple disease and can be treated easily…this is to show you…it kills.

How many more have to die?  No more, please…


lologoTWITI have decided to try a different format for getting information out to the masses. I studied my website and what people really wanted and I think a blog will be a better way to get the information out and then archive it. So, I am going to give it a try.  While I am in treatment, I think it will be easier for me to post news stories and comments from a blog.  Eventually, I will convert this URL to my “” URL, and merge the two sites.  I just want to be sure to get everything important off the website first.

As for the radio show…I had some difficulties with the quality on my connections.  The audio was very rough, even after several test sessions.  I spoke with BlogTalkRadio several times and well, I was not too impressed with the customer service.  I am going to wait until after I am done with my treatments to go back to the radio show.

Let me know what you think.