Dr_BurrascanoDr. Joseph Burrascano is a physician who specializes in Lyme Disease.  He has published a set of guidelines and suggestions about how you could treat your Lyme Disease:

Please, contact a qualified physician before engaging in any new treatments, as each person’s case is highly individual.

16th Edition, October, 2008:


15th Edition, September 2005:





VIDEO:  Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano discusses the biotoxin work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker:


3 Responses to “Dr.Burrascano’s Guidelines”

  1. Laura hamer Says:

    Kim, I’m trying to connect to Burrascano’s
    papers through your web site, and it says it’s broken. I actually have many patients looking at your web sites, and love it. thanks for all you do. Laura Hamer

    1. Kim Sampson Says:

      Wow? OK. I will check that. Thank you for telling me. There should be no broken links…but I guess things happen. I will fix it ASAP, as I have his last TWO guidelines on my site.

      1. Kim Sampson Says:

        The links should be repaired. Thanks you again for letting me know! =)

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